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Have you ever wondered how the popular brands like Facebook, Wordpress, Canva, and Slack captured the digital industry. It’s all because they’re using PHP. PHP is used to develop dynamic and interactive web pages, applications, and eCommerce platforms. Cotgin Analytics, a PHP development company generates dynamic web pages and applications.

Our experienced and skilled team of PHP developers offer a wide range of PHP development services at an affordable price. We analyze all the aspects of your business and then design static and dynamic web pages with the highest level of security. We offer unparalleled PHP web development services for a robust digital experience that will help strengthen your brand.

Our Specialized Services

Benefits of Working with a PHP Development Company in Delhi

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    Confidentiality Is Our Forte

    Our experienced developers strictly follow an encrypted system to keep your data safe. The developers make sure your website is more advantageous to employ.

  • 2
    Optimized Performance

    Your website is highly optimized keeping your needs and goals in mind with our PHP development services. We do their best to boost the overall performance of your website.

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    The best part is our developers can make use of a wide array of an extensive library of frameworks and tools to make a choice within PHP. It provides them the opportunity to select the right framework that suits your website.

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    Consultancy Service

    We will assist you throughout the development stage. Our expert developers will work closely with you throughout your journey to make this website fully functional and feature-packed.

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    We’re A Good Listeners

    Our devOps will lend you support anytime you want. Our motto is creating a comfortable space for the clients while developing their websites by listening you patiently.

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    With Cotgin Analytics, the PHP development services remain cost-effective as it is simple, speedy, and flexible. We’ll assure you that you’ll get a maximum return on your investment.

Our Process is Simple and Seamless

Analytical Approach Of PHP Development Company

Our PHP web development company will take your business to the next level and drive large-scale transformation.

step 1


We will visiualize your vision and identify your goals. Our team analyzes your target audience, decides a timeline, and prepares a budget.

step 2


Our team of developers will prepare a 2-D illustration of a web page's interface that focuses on intended behaviors.

step 3

Visual Design

We focus on selecting the theme, color, screen layout, features, and other aspects of the website.

step 4


Here our designers convert the paper-based designs to digital platforms. It gives a broad idea of how your website will function (without the code).

step 5


At this stage we check the functionality of the application to ensure that it runs smoothly when made live.

step 6


We made your website live after confirming from our clients. The website is delivered, the application files and other data is set on the server.

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Importance of PHP Web Development

Why Choose PHP for Web Development?

As you know, many big brands’ websites are written with PHP code. Have you ever wondered why? Let us tell you. One of the significant advantages is that PHP is open-source language, meaning any developer at the top PHP Development Company in India can use it for the programming. Another advantage is it is flexible and versatile, meaning it is compatible with all servers and platforms.

But what makes it popular is its friendly language and high yielding performance property. PHP is one such programming language with a plethora of frameworks for rapid and effective coding within a given time frame and resources.


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Our Core Services

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PHP Consulting

The consultants at this leading PHP development company in India render expert advice on PHP development. We can help you in assisting you with the best PHP framework for your business. Our experts will advise on php queries and will promptly resolve them.

PHP Maintenance and Support

Our developers will provide ongoing support and updates, while developing a php website. Our services will include fixing bugs, updating the website from time-to-time and its features.

Cloud and eCommerce Solutions

Since PHP is widely used in developing e-commerce platforms, this php web development company can create customized online stores, implement payment gateways pages, and optimize the website and application for the best user experience. In addition, we can handle cloud-based solutions.