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Rule Out The Social Media World With The Best SMO Company

Social Media Optimization books your seat in the Social Media world. Cotgin Analytics, a leading SMO company in Delhi, understands the importance of social media and helps create awareness about your brand amongst social media platforms.

Half of the population is on Social Media. It’s way more than the population of India and China. Cotgin Analytics will tour your profiles and add rockets to your social media profiles from ‘nay’ to ‘yay.’ With our exemplary SMO services in India, we will make you stand out from the crowd.

Services To Trust Upon

Our Social Media Optimization Services Include

  • 1
    Facebook Marketing

    When you hire Cotgin Analytics, our team will post luring content to promote your startup or a brand to increase its visibility, thereby redirecting the traffic.

  • 2
    Instagram Marketing

    With our digital marketing services, we will create actionable content, monitor your page, and analyze your competitors, helping your page do better.

  • 3
    YouTube Marketing

    When you hire our website designing company in Delhi, we will manage your YouTube account to help your videos rank with catchy titles and customized thumbnails.

  • 4
    Twitter/X Marketing

    We’ll offer the best SMO services at a reasonable price per your needs. Our experts will work on follower growth and timely updates to your profile.

  • 5
    Google Ads Marketing

    With Cotgin Analytics, you’ll get immediate results for your business. Employing the ropes of PPC will yield measurable ROI and achieve your goals.

  • 6
    LinkedIn Marketing

    As a leading SMO service in India, we’ll create high-quality content after thorough analysis. Set up your profile and develop Ad strategies to rank high.

Our Process is Streamlined

We Optimize Your Social Media With This Simple Process

Boosting Your Social Media With This Process

step 1


Our optimization starts with creating specific and measurable goals. We will then conduct the keyword research that your audience will like.

step 2

Building Profiles

If you already possess a profile, we will make the necessary changes and completely fill out your profile based on your industry.

step 3


Our dedicated team of content writing services is expert in delivering quality content. They ensure it is not copy-pasted or demeaning.

step 4


Consistency in posting is the key to making your profile visible. Our team will schedule the posts on the platforms to target other demographics.

step 5


Likewise, on your website, we will interlink your social media profiles. It will encourage visitors to connect with you on different platforms.

step 6


Our team of SMO services will monitor the performances to see which post is ranking exceptionally well and plan for more engagement.

Divert The Traffic To Your Social Media Profiles

Increase Your Fan Following And Be The One!

Become One Of Them
Importance of SMO Services

Solving The Key Challenges of Your Social Media Profiles

Social media is the next big thing in the coming days. It has become an inevitable part of brand building. So, it has to be effective and intuitive. This has called for social media optimization. It links Social Media with SEO.

SMO will help build your brand’s identity and create awareness. It is an added advantage where you will become highlighted rather than just earning. SMO will help you connect with users through social media networking sites.


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Extra-Ordinary Services We Can Offer

Why Invest in a Social Media Optimization Company in India

Expert Solutions

By hiring Cotgin Analytics, you will be assisted by a skilled team. They will professionally work on all the SMO projects and handle situations promptly to make you visible.

SMO Tools

This SMO Agency uses different tools to manage your social media. The experts have a good command over these tools, saving you time and effort.

Less Experiments

For Cotgin Analytics, customers are the priority. We don’t do experiments. We deliver results. Our experts know what should be done and when for your campaigns.