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Spruce Up The Aesthetics Of Your Website

With High-Performing Website Redesign Services

With the advent of digital marketing, the race to set a benchmark on the first page of SERP is increasing. It has therefore ignited the need for a leading website redesign company in Delhi. If your website traffic and ranking have dropped down or disappeared, it’s time for website redesigning assistance from Cotgin Analytics.

We can help you regain your brand on digital platforms with website revamping services. Our designers not only overhauls a website, instead we re-build a brand from scratch. As the best website designing company, our expert designers are there in restructuring the elements for smooth functions of the website which gets updated with a new colour palette and minor UX changes in your online presence.

With High-Performing Website Redesign Services
What We Offer?

Result-Driven Designs That Work To Improve User Experience

Result-Driven Designs That Work To Improve User Experience
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    Improved user experience (UX)

    Cotgin Analytics will create a website that is easy to use and navigate, delivering the best user experience. It will further lead to increased engagement, stability of the customers, and higher conversion rates.

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    Enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    At Cotgin Analytics, we will ensure your website is well-designed and optimised as per google norm for best results. At this stage, our experts will ensure your website will pur long lasting impact on user.

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    Strengthened brand identity

    As a professional website designing company in Delhi, we will re-create a website that aligns with your brand identity. This way, the customers will trust your brand and reach out to you.

  • 4

    Increased responsiveness

    Your well-designed website will be responsive by partnering with us. In short, it will look and function well on all devices. It is crucial as more and more people use mobile devices to access the internet.

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    Latest Technology

    With advanced technical language, Cotgin Analytics offers high-performing website redesign services that help you get a professional and creative identity for your brand. Our expert team does detailed research on it.

  • 6

    Improved security

    Cotgin Analytics is the professional web redesign company in Delhi that helps you create a secure website compliant with all relevant regulations. It can help to protect your business from cyberattacks and data breaches.

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Make Your Website User-Friendly With Trendy Designs
Why opt for redesigning services?

Make Your Website User-Friendly With Trendy Designs

Cotgin Analytics delivers the finest experiences by redesigning your website with us, ensuring that websites are optimised. We create visually stunning layouts, easy navigation, and user-friendly experiences that adapt flawlessly to different screen sizes.

Customers will first be attracted to your brand usually through your website. we'll work with you to create a visually stunning site, with updated colour schemes, images, and typography that represent your brand image and values.

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Why Hire Us?

Redefine Your Digital Presence With Modern Technologies

Better User Experience

Your potential customers will visit your website to avail different services and know your brand's core values. So it is highly important to customise and timely update your website as per the trending norms. Therefore our experts ensure that your website looks amazing with no lagging loading pages or errors.

Improving Content Quality

Engaging and valuable content is essential for attracting visitors to your website. If your customers are not impressed by the interface of your website, you will lose engagement towards your brand. Therefore, our experts get acquainted with the clients’ needs and understand who their potential customers are.

Sales and Conversions

It might be possible that your brand is invisible due to lack of sales. Worry not! Cotgin Analytics, the trusted website redesign company in India, works to convert more visitors into customers. By improving the CTAs, we make it easier for the customers to purchase products or services, thereby providing clear and concise information about your offerings.

Web Redesign Service To Give Your Website A New Look

A well-designed website in the ever-evolving digital era is paramount for the success of a business. It tells potential customers about your brand. Therefore, it has to be very attractive and compelling to attract visitors' attention, encouraging them to stay longer. As a leading website redesign agency in Delhi, Cotgin Analytics is endowed with hands-on experience in revamping your existing website, giving it a new feel to draw users' attention. At Cotgin Analytics, our expert designers use advanced redesigning methods to help you engage more visitors to your website. With our website redesign services, our expert team helps get leads and keep them engaged.

Why Opt Website Redesign Services?

Guaranteed Results

The experts at this trusted website redesigning company understand that a website serves as the foundation of a winning business. Hence, our designers start by conducting an in-depth audit to understand the areas of improvement. Once we learn these weak points, we create a strategy that will accumulate aspects. The website should be responsive to increase mobile traffic and load fast to minimize the visitor bounce rate. It can be navigated easily to improve visitor engagement and integrate several websites in one CMS.

Preserved SEO Equity

It is possible that after redesigning a website, you may lose your online presence, which you invested a lot in. So, to preserve your website's old positions in search engine rankings, we work closely with our team and devise SEO migration strategies as a reliable web redesign company. These strategies include website crawling, link preservation, and the creation of redirection links.

Gives A Fresh Look

Cotgin Analytics is considered the emerging website redesign company in Delhi because of our commitment to going beyond the curve. Our team of expert designers will work in and out to give your website a fresh look. We ensure your website brings a seamless user experience that will generate more sales and business.

Redesign That Connects

Redesigning your website doesn't mean adding fancy fonts, eye-catching images, or new themes! As a performance-driven website redesign company in India, we try our best to add elements that connect your brand with customers' vision. We revamp your website in a way that helps impart value.

Improved Branding

Cotgin Analytics is a trusted website redesigning company that doesn't work in a fluke. Our expert designer team considers your goals and objectives first and then redesign your brand to gear up your business. We ensure your brand is improving and the sales are increasing.

Drive Sales Growth

As the top web redesign company, we help ramp up your brand, no matter how bad. We help build up your online brand's credibility and gain your target audience's trust. This further benefits your business, as customers will show interest in your brand, bringing more business.

Optimize Marketing Costs

If your website is old and you will get negligible results, it is high time to overhaul it. As the top website redesign company in Delhi, we will give your website a new look and feel. We will replace old images with alluring graphics. We will use advanced analytics tracking tools to analyze which works best. We will replace old content with SEO-optimized ones. We will integrate your website with social media platforms.

Optimized For SEO

If your website is not ranking on search engines, you may not employ the right SEO tactics. Hence, our experts at this website redesign company in India revamp the whole look and harness the best on-page SEO tactics. We optimize images, CSS, code, and every important element to make it visible on search engines.

When Do You Need Web Redesign Service In Delhi?

A website serves as the first impression on behalf of your brand in today's digital landscape. As the most powerful marketing tool, a website is where customers will visit to learn more about your product and services. This helps them analyze whether they are interested in your business or not. You only need a responsive, mobile-friendly website with a modern design. The website redesign agency in Delhi will ensure your visitors are coming back to your website. To gain their interest in you, you need to update it frequently. Employ regular site maintenance checkups and re-assess your website's design, functionality, and content. The website redesigning in Delhi will help you stay on top of the best practices.

You Website Is Not Mobile-Friendly

Most of the traffic on a website comes from mobile devices. Smartphones are the first thing that comes into your mind when you look for something. Therefore, we, being the top website redesigning company, design a website that changes automatically when being used on different devices. Our team includes all the mandatory elements such as readable text, adequate spacing between each tab and no horizontal scrolling.

Low Bounce Rate

If your website is too old still you are not getting any leads, connect with the web redesign company. Well, the significant reason to get no or low leads can be low bounce rates. It means the number of single-page sessions by the number of total sessions on your website. It should be between 40-55%. If it exceeds this limit, it means your website has errors. Your website is facing technical issues or your website possesses low-quality features or under-optimized content. If you feel your website is experiencing a high bounce rate, consider redesigning it.

Your Website is Slow to Load

Today’s website visitor fully expects a fast user experience, which means it is essential for your website to load nearly instantaneously. Most of the users leave a site if it takes longer than three seconds to load. Slow websites impact search engine ranking too. It’s where you need to consider web redesign service in Delhi.