How Is SEO Different From PPC?

How Is SEO Different From PPC?

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Choosing between SEO and PPC management is a daunting task. Therefore, businesses choose a professional digital marketing company in Delhi to ease their work. Being noticed in the sea of Google traffic is everyone's wish. It is necessary to have significant traffic to your brand for impeccable success. But the harsh reality is that only a small portion of customers will be interested in your products or services. There comes the role of a digital marketer who thrives to grow your business. They analyze what makes pages rank high and strategies to implement to stay on top. However, harnessing SEO services in Delhi and PPC ads management is undeniably important for internet marketing.

The reliable digital marketing company in India is well-versed in the terms. They know where to run a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign to get on top of search engine pages or when to optimize your brand as per the industry standards with SEO tactics. If you pay close attention to these terms, you will realize that both help drive traffic. Due to its same purpose, many marketers get confused while deciding which is better for your brand. If you are having difficulty choosing between SEO and PPC to get relevant traffic to your website, then you are on the right page. In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of both of them. Also, we will decide which is better. 

What Is The Difference Between SEO And PPC?

There is a thin line between SEO and PPC. SEO is an ongoing process that will help improve a website's ranking. On the other hand, PPC is the process of running ads online to bring more traffic. But it is not sure that it will yield you a greater result. Hence, we have prepared a table for your ease so that you can clearly understand these two terms.





Pros Of SEO  👍

Cons Of SEO 👎

You can track long-term results in real-time with SEO tools.

SEO takes time and effort, as you won’t get results overnight.

Once your ranking is improved, you can improve your online visibility.

It is difficult to get traffic on high-performing keywords.

It’s inexpensive, like PPC, as you are more into getting organic results.

Since Google keeps updating its algorithm, staying on top may take effort and time. 




Pros Of PPC 👍

Cons Of PPC 👎

You can target potential audiences by choosing them according to their demographics.

Running a campaign is not a cup of tea. You might need professional assistance from a digital marketing agency in Delhi.

You will see fast results as and when you run the campaign.

You will need to allocate a budget to monitor and optimize your PPC campaigns as they cost you money.

It is easy to measure the results as you can ascertain which ad works effectively.

You have to convince the users with your compelling landing pages to convert them into genuine leads.



Now you know the basics of SEO and PPC, let us know how they are different. For that, take a look at the table below: 


Significant Differences Between SEO and PPC Advertising






Its main goal is to increase traffic.

Its main objective is to increase traffic and sales.


It contains techniques for page optimization.

It contains techniques for ad creation and promotion.


It is generally cost-free as you aim to get organic results unless you hire digital marketing services for SEO activities.

It’s expensive as compared to SEO, as you have to pay every time the visitors click your ad.


SEO ensures long-term results.

PPC provided short-term results.

Search Results

By regularly optimizing your website, you can stay on the first page of SERP. 

You don’t need to pay utmost attention as you stay on top till you pay for them.


You will get high traffic with a low conversion rate.

You will get low traffic with a high conversion rate.


If you adhere to Google algorithms, your website will rank.

PPC campaigns won’t get hampered by any Google algorithm.


Your website should have unique and top-notch content.

Landing pages and ads must have catchy headlines.


You can reach a diverse audience.

You will target a set of audiences.


So, it was all about SEO and PPC. But which marketing channel is better for your business is often asked: SEO or PPC. The answer highly depends on your goals. If you want to target a specific set of audience for immediate clicks and conversion, you can go for PPC. On the contrary, if you want long-term results to gain brand credibility and trust, you should go for SEO. However, hiring the top digital marketing company in Delhi is better for better results. They know how to run these ads with tried and tested strategies and how to optimize your brand to increase online visibility.



The decision to choose between SEO and PPC ultimately depends upon your goals. Therefore, it is better to take time before proceeding. You can also seek professional help from the best digital marketing company in Delhi if you get stuck handling your marketing activities. Cotgin Analytics, an emerging digital marketing company in Delhi, has experienced and skilled SEO and PPC experts who will make sure your brand is visible.