7 Ways To Increase Your Mobile App Downloads

7 Ways To Increase Your Mobile App Downloads

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Building an app is fine, but getting enough traffic is not everyone’s cup of tea. It keeps the digital marketing company up at night. You love your app, its icon, and its seamless functionality, but how do you make sure customers will love it, too? The only thing where you might get stuck is the number of downloads. You are not alone if you feel your flawless app isn’t getting enough downloads. Many mobile app development companies encounter the same problem. But don't be discouraged! If you have recently launched an app and want it to be in the top 10, you are on the right page. This blog post will discuss the ways to boost your app downloads in the first place.

7 Best Ways To Increase Mobile Application Downloads

When you spend significant time and resources developing an app, you expect enough downloads. But when you don’t get enough numbers, it’s disheartening. Unfortunately, you fail to convince people about you. But worry not; we have proven ways to increase app downloads. Let us know about these smart tactics.  

#1. Spare Some Time On App Icon

The first thing users see in the app store is the application icon and its name. With more than one million apps on the iOS App Store and more than three million apps on Android, capturing users' attention is challenging. Hence, the graphic design company ensures your logo stands out from the crowd. If your downloads are decreasing, it’s a sign you need to work on these areas.

The designers ensure that mobile app icons are eye-catching and colorful and resonate with the brand objectives. Your app name should also be explanatory enough to give customers an idea about your brand. Give the icon a catchy slogan with a helpful keyword or two so that it appears in the search results.

#2. Reach Out To The Influencers

Reach Out To The Influencers

Influencer marketing has gained widespread popularity over the past many years. It has helped businesses of all sizes increase sales and revenue by fostering trust among customers. Of course, startups might face issues getting influencers. However, they can leverage the power of social media. Many brands adopt this strategy to promote their products and services.

Here, SMO services look for influencers willing to collaborate with your brand. They ensure the influencers are the right fit for you based on your requirements, target area, audience, and budget. The experts, via influencers, ensure that customers stay intact with your brand.

#3. App Store Optimization

You can’t succeed without having the hard yards to stand out on the competitive edge. That's where app store optimization comes into play. It would help to make your App Store page accessible and inviting so that people will discover you. You might have seen the tag ‘Editor’s Choice’ in the description. It is a type of promotion, but your app must be selected.

All you can do is list your app. The SEO company adds high-performing keywords, a catchy title, a compelling app description, and eye-catching screenshots of your app. The experts study the competitors beforehand to improve their numbers.

#4. Focus On Content Marketing

With the rise of Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, businesses of all kinds are inclined more towards content marketing. This could be adding blogs to your app website, video tutorials, or starting your own podcast series. You can also promote your app on social media to generate traffic. The digital marketing company ensures the video must educate people about your app. You can also use Artificial Intelligence to generate creative video ideas and share them on multiple platforms for maximum reach.

#5. Build A Website

Many app owners sometimes presume they don’t need a website to promote their app. Brands should understand that a great app doesn’t guarantee growth. They don’t realize that app downloads generally stem from Google searches. Hence, creating a website is a significant way to increase traffic and promote your app.

With a simple website, you can provide information about your app. You can also share snippets of your app and testimonials within the website. It is a great way to promote yourself locally. Just focus on SEO services. Your landing page should be responsive with a clear promotional banner to motivate users to install the app.

#6. Elevate Your Social Media Presence

If you are a startup, focus on enhancing your social media in addition to creating a website. Craft social media campaigns to allow prospects to connect with you. As you know, social media is a powerful and competitive tool; therefore, reaching potential customers is not as easy as it looks. You need to craft compelling and creative campaigns for a wider reach.

Not everyone likes reading blogs. In such cases, sharing content via social media is an effective approach. Many mobile app brands regularly share content on Instagram. If users find the content relevant to them, they end up installing the app.

#7. Refine Your Branding Strategy

Refine Your Branding Strategy

Users' attention spans are becoming shorter. This means having a strong online presence is essential to capture their interest and encourage them to download the app. A digital marketing company must establish an online presence with various touchpoints. Be it content marketing, Email marketing, or social media marketing. If you are a startup, harness the power of omnichannel strategy. This might be new for you, but creating an omnichannel strategy will help you deliver tailored messages to your audiences, no matter where you are. This way, you can build buzz and drive more downloads, boosting rankings.


A low number of app downloads is a serious concern since it leads to high acquisition costs. So, if you are unable to increase your app downloads and installs, consider hiring a trusted digital marketing company in India. Cotgin Analytics is right there to solve all your problems. The team understands the target audience's preferences and crafts a plan of action accordingly.