Which Is Better For Your Website Wordpress Or PHP?

Which Is Better For Your Website Wordpress Or PHP?

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A great website is the need of the hour for businesses to survive in this competitive market. It is much like your physical storefront. Therefore, the website development company needs a scalable, lean website catering to high user experience. Building a suitable website that not only provides information but also imparts a high-end customer experience can be a daunting task as various factors need utmost attention while developing a website. One such factor is deciding which tool is best to build your website: PHP or WordPress. There is no such comparison between them as both are better in different attributes.

However, we can help you make an informed decision. Most businesses find WordPress handy, while others feel that a PHP framework offers more flexibility and customization. We have provided you with a complete guide on these tools for your reference. Before proceeding, you need to understand that WordPress and PHP have no striking dissimilarities. WordPress uses PHP as a scripting language to make web applications mandatory. But the question that arises here is which is better? Let’s dive straight into the difference. 

Wordpress Or PHP: A Comparative Study

So, you’re stuck deciding which programming code to choose for web development? Fear not; we’ve drawn a vivid comparison of WordPress vs PHP in a few aspects. Have a look at the table below:

Wordpress Or PHP A Comparative Study





Pros 👍

Cons 👎

WordPress is an open-source software that anyone can use, change, and redistribute.

When you update your theme or plugins, you might face some problems with a website. It will make it difficult to revert to an older WordPress state.

You can find many SEO plugins available to help optimize your website! One of them is Yoast.

Since WordPress is an open-source program, it is vulnerable to potential risk by hackers.

There are over 54,000 free plugins that allow you to customize your site. 

Specific themes contain unnecessary codes which affect the speed of the website.

Due to the user-friendly CMS, it is easy to edit pages and upload new content.

WordPress is the most sought-after program due to its customization, making it a problem when these themes are updated.



Pros 👍

Cons 👎

A website developed from PHP scripting language loads fast, eliminating the long wait times. 

If you want all your technologies to come alive, you might need another programming code or assistance from a PHP development company.  

PHP won’t require any fee. You can use frameworks, syntax, libraries, databases, and all its functionalities for free.

It is a big NO as it has limited debugging tools. It can’t handle errors properly, as the debugging tools for tracking them won’t work well.

PHP community is the most active community that extends support if you are stuck somewhere while developing a website. 

If you want to modify or change the frameworks, you can’t modify the core behavior.

A PHP web page takes approximately 17.81 seconds to load, three times faster than Python.


Since PHP is an open-source programming code, anyone can access it. Hackers can use bugs against you. 


It is just a snippet of the differences between WordPress and PHP. It may help you decide which platform is best for your web development project. As discussed, you need to consider a few points when developing a website. In the following section, we have discussed which attribute is better.



Difference Between WordPress Or PHP

Difference Between WordPress Or PHP



Wordpress - WordPress is the only programming software that comes with SEO-friendly plugins. It offers the owners numerous plugins for website and content optimization. This further helps in improving site visibility in search engines. You can use plugins like Yoast SEO and Rank Math for guaranteed results.


PHP - On the other hand, PHP developers implement the best SEO practices by themselves. For that, they need to be well-versed in SEO principles and tools. However, a website built with PHP code can yield excellent results.


Winner - So, it looks like WordPress is a winner, as with built-in plugins, you can save time and money in the long run.




Wordpress - Since WordPress has thousands of plugins, you can customize your website through these plugins and themes. However, you may need to hire a website development company aware of these codes for modifying core functionalities. It can be problematic as when these plugins are updated, it causes problems.


PHP - Whereas PHP, an open-source programming code, allows a room full of unlimited customization. Web developers can easily modify a site’s functionality and design. Although it takes time, they can deliver results as per your needs.


Winner - When you have to think about which is best in terms of customization, the answer would be neutral, as both offer the same level of customization. However, Wordpress is way better than PHP due to its vast library. 




Wordpress - Since WordPress is an open-source program, it makes it vulnerable to potential attacks by hackers. But you can safeguard your website by updating its plugins regularly. Not only this but if you implement security practices correctly, such as using strong passwords and turning off file editing, you can secure your site. 


PHP - On the contrary, PHP comes with significant control over security measures. Developers implement the best security practices at their best. Additionally, you can secure your website by following guidelines from organizations like OWASP.


Winner - In short, a site developed with WordPress as the inherent security can be built into the platform itself.




Wordpress - If you are a newbie in the digital industry, burning costs will trigger the overall performance. You might be stuck on how much to spend on your website. WordPress is cheaper since it has free plugins. But you should know that only core development is free. If you want to add more features, you have to buy the plugins.  


PHP - On the other hand, building a website on PHP can be cheaper as you don’t have to pay licensing fees to use the language. It is relatively easy to use due to the easy language, cutting the cost of hosting providers. It is compatible with operating systems and servers, it makes PHP hosting a cheaper option compared to other hosting options. 


Winner - So, which is cheaper all depends on the type of website a Wordpress development company in India is building. However, PHP is a clear winner as hosting providers generally offers PHP hosting as standard part of their service offerings,


Custom Design


Wordpress - Every business wishes for a well-designed website. They are looking for a web development company to design a website that resonates with your brand’s objective. WordPress has pre-built themes for designing a page, eliminating time and cost. 


PHP - On the other hand, with PHP, you can create an unparalleled user interface (UI) tailored to your needs. Undoubtedly, it is time-consuming, but it will provide you with a truly unique website.


Winner - Talking of which is better, if you want to create a professional website, you might require some custom coding; we suggest using PHP.



Both WordPress and PHP have their unique traits. All you need is a basic understanding when deciding on the platform. If you, too, are stuck in the middle, fret not! Cotgin Analytics is right there to assist you. Our team will listen to your needs and decide which fits your web development project best. Cotgin Analytics, a leading website development company in Delhi, creates a robust digital presence that stands out in the market. Feel free to contact us for a personalized consultation and build your dream project.