7 Reasons Why Your Website Has A High Bounce Rate

7 Reasons Why Your Website Has A High Bounce Rate

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Users often land on your page and leave within a few seconds when they don't find anything relevant. It is called bounce rate. This metric tells what percentage of people leave your site within 10 seconds. This is a clear sign that there is something wrong with your website. Here comes the role of the result-oriented digital marketing company in India that is committed to improving your site's overall performance. They assess certain pages that aren't performing well. Digital marketers know that even the tools have limited features, and it can be extremely frustrating if you are not getting the desired results.

That narrows it down to the point of the reason behind such a high bounce rate. Maintaining the interest of the users is the ultimate goal of boosting conversions. You need to ensure your website can retain customers' engagement. Being a business owner, you must understand why there's a bounce rate that impacts user experience. For your reference, we have listed why people leave your website without taking any action.

Why Would A Visitor Leave Your Site?

For the uninformed, a bounce rate of 40% or lower is considered good, while a bounce rate of 55% or higher is considered high. It means there is scope for improvement. But what are the reasons behind a high bounce rate? Read on to find the reasons and fix them for better growth.

#1. Low-Quality Content

We have been discussing in our blogs that content is king. It is the first thing visitors see on your website. Therefore, it has to be so compelling that visitors will get valuable information. In contrast, it is one of the significant reasons why visitors generally leave your website. Visitors can bounce back on the website if the content on the first page is low-quality and doesn’t match their expectations or resonate with your brand. But how do you know your website has low-quality content? There are a few common factors the digital marketing company considers while analyzing your website content:

  • They analyze whether the content covers the brand’s objective.
  • Whether the content is informative to visitors.
  • Is the content original? Is it trustworthy? Have you added sources and references to support your claim, or do you assume it.
  • Is your website flooded with additional topics, advertisements, or calls to action? Does it contain anything relevant to the keyword.

The digital marketing agency in India identifies low content to ascertain the reason behind the high bounce rate for web pages. They then modify the content according to the guidelines to retain visitors for longer and encourage them to make an informed decision.

#2. Poorly Optimized Meta Title And Descriptions

When you search for something on Google or other search engines, meta titles, and descriptions are the first things that indicate whether or not visitors should click. They act as a virtual billboard on Google. Now, you know how important meta titles and descriptions are for your website to win the audience. Hence, they have to be accurately optimized as they are the first point of contact.

For the uninformed, if visitors find your website focuses only on one thing, they bounce back to where they came from. The only thing the SEO agency does is either review the content of your page or adjust the title tags and meta descriptions accordingly. Misleading title tags and meta descriptions mean you are targeting the wrong keyword and audience. Users will go back to search engine result pages to find a page that best satisfies their queries.

#3. No Or Bad CTAs

If your website design is intuitive but contains no CTA, you are missing out on huge opportunities. Or if you have added a CTA, but it blends in with other elements, it is time to rethink. A well-designed and drafted Call-To-Action (CTA) can significantly boost the conversion rate. Or if your CTA falls in the third fold of the page, it is possible that they are not aware of it. So, missing or flawed CTA can be the biggest reason visitors bounce from your website.

Here comes the digital marketing services team role, ensuring visitors won't struggle to navigate the website. They add CTA above the fold line. The experts make sure your site doesn't have so many ads and calls to action, making visitors become blind on which to click. Other than this, they focus more on messages on CTA and work on small tweaks like updating the color, image, or typeface of the CTA to increase visitor interactions.

#4. Poor User Experience And Website Design

You must have seen the website bombarded with advertisements and popups, making it difficult for the visitors to find the content. Visitors decide when to leave your website based on various factors. It can be poor website layout, uneasy navigation, not using pleasant colors and many more. Visitors will bounce back if your website is loaded with advertisements and is not better than the other.

If that is the case, then what should be done? But remember one thing: a heavy website with distracting elements, unclear content, lots of advertisements, or poor site navigation can cause a website to appear obnoxious and off-putting to many users. So, the website designing company considers various factors while redesigning your website to avoid visitors bouncing back. The UI/UX services team incorporates the right typography, uses the proper layout, and a suitable color scheme to make your website look good.

#5. Low Speed Of Website

In the cutting-throat competition, visitors don’t wait for long for the website to load. They will leave your website if it won’t load within a couple of seconds, resulting in a higher bounce rate. Therefore, as a business owner, you should know that site speed is important to Google’s ranking algorithm. Google promotes websites that offer a seamless user experience and recognizes websites with a good loafing speed.

The low page loading speed is a significant reason for the increased bounce rate. Many visitors often go back when the page takes time to load. The digital marketing advertising agency should work to make the page load fast and employ on-page optimization practices. The marketer should ensure your page loads within 2-4 seconds; your conversion rate will drop by 5% if it exceeds. You can only reduce the page weight and the most critical performance metrics like First Contentful Paint (FCP) and Largest Contentful Paint (LCP).

#6. Technical Errors

Users may bounce back to whence they came if they find errors or blank pages. This will guarantee a high bounce rate, as nobody likes error pages or broken landing pages. It is the case where content is missing and shows ‘Error 404’ or ‘Not Found.’ The only thing an SEO agency can do is discover the issue from Google’s perspective in Google Search Console. This tool helps identify the errors and fix errors to prevent bouncing.

#7. The Page Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

The majority of visitors use mobile devices to find something. They engage with the website, which looks good on their mobile devices. But if you haven’t optimized your website for mobile users, you will definitely face a higher bounce rate. Even if your website is mobile-friendly, some of its elements might get squeezed, causing important information to move below the second fold.

To overcome this, mobile optimization is a must for all web pages. Test your website on mobile phones if you see a high bounce rate. Consider hiring an SEO expert who can check issues in the Google Search Console.

Improve Your Bounce Rate With The Best Digital Marketing Company In Delhi

By now, you have analyzed the reasons why visitors don’t stay for long. Does this seem high to you? If yes, it’s time to consider hiring a performance-driven digital marketing company in Delhi that can assess your website and craft strategies to rectify the errors. Cotgin Analytics is the leading name in the industry, as we aim to provide the best user experience and ensure a lower bounce rate.